World Cup Watch Party Is A Resounding Success

Boston, MA - A World Cup watch party held by Brandi Lipping was reportedly a resounding success as the 24 year old soccer fan invited 10 of her friends over to her darkened, air-conditioned apartment where they all stood around silently ignoring the television screen playing the game while looking at Twitter, Reddit and Facebook on their cell phones as they scrolled through the endless cavalcade of horrible news that dumped all over their future and their friends future with alarming frequency.

"Finally, 90 minutes where someone doesn't stop me from trying to catch up on all the horrible, unending bullshit that is out there in the world"

"Finally, 90 minutes where someone doesn't stop me from trying to catch up on all the horrible, unending bullshit that is out there in the world"

"I had a great time," stated 23 year old Robert Henderson. "It was nice to go to a watch party where no one was super aggro. It was just laid back and this was the first time this week that I had enough time to actually catch up with what is going on. I'm working two jobs and the only day I get off is Monday afternoon so this was my only time to decompress for 4 hours before I get home and try to binge watch The 3% on Netflix until 2:00 am because of the endless, unending dread that I feel before I realize I have to be back up in 4 hours at 6:00 am for my morning shift at this job that I fucking hate."

Good friend Theresa Alvarez was reportedly thrilled with the watch party as she stated, "yeah the games were a blast. I actually had 10 minutes of uninterrupted peace before I got a message from a stalker that I've been trying to report on Twitter who keeps harassing me and sending me threatening messages. I've blocked him 10 times, but he keeps creating new anonymous accounts and Twitter won't do anything. I'm pretty much going to have to kill my profile, but it's the only way I can try to put out my part time work as an illustrator. If I didn't have that outlet to show my work all I would have left is my job working at Trader Joe's and the unending misery of taking care of my Mother who moved in with me after she had surgery for breast cancer and couldn't afford to pay for her house anymore."

New friend Jacob Czynski stated that he was honored to have had the opportunity to attend the watch party as it, "Finally gave me time to work on my resume, because I can't do that at work and I'm trying to figure out a way to get out of working the graveyard shift at Massachusets General." Czynski also stated that this shared event really made him realize the importance of connection so he reached out to his old friends in Orlando and sent them a Marco Polo video on the way home.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Alvarez loses her job at Trader Joe's after the company won't allow her to have any time off to take care of her ailing mother who just found out that her insurance company will not be covering any further treatments after she lapsed in payments and didn't tell her daughter.