Orlando City Begin Plans To Acquire Luis Robles At The End Of 2018 Season

ORLANDO - Orlando City stated that they were beginning plans to acquire Luis Robles from Red Bull New York after the veteran goalkeeper was named team captain for 2018 thus assuring that he will be traded during the offseason.


"We are excited to put in a bid for Luis and we can't wait to acquire him," stated CEO Alex Leitão. "We believe that Luis will be a great acquisition for us and give us a calming presence on our back line."

Fans of Red Bull New York indicated their displeasure in the player being named captain as the 6 year Red Bull player has weathered many storms in his career.

"I JUST bought a Robles kit," stated Jim Webbing of New York. "To hand this man the captaincy after all he's done? How could they do that to him!?"

With insider sources saying that Robles departure is now inevitable, a behind the scenes bidding war has begun for his services as many teams are already moving theoretical money for other theoretical money in order to be prepared to offer more theoretical money to New York when the time arises for them to trade Robles.

"I can't wait to see Luis in Purple," stated Orlando City fan Jeff Gutierrez. "The fact that we would be getting another captain from New York just shows our ability to attract talent."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as fans bemoan the appointment of Robles to the role.