Atlanta United Sell Greg Garza In Order To Fund, "Making It Rain," At Magic City

Atlanta, GA - The front office of Atlanta United, the 2018 MLS Cup Champion, traded off left back Greg Garza, today, in order to fund, “making it rain,” on the Philip F. Anschutz trophy at the Atlanta strip club Magic City.



“We had a great time last night,” stated one Atlanta United front office staff who for some reason really wanted to remain anonymous. “And we made it rain a little bit, but we wanna go to that Big Boi level and really set the place off.”

The Atlanta United team visited the local strip club and entertained the dancers and patrons alike with the cup as they enjoyed some lascivious entertainment after their championship parade.

However, locals report that the team quickly ran out of money when they attempted to “big time” the ladies on the stage and made a necessary call.

“If the boys need to make it rain, we will make it rain,” stated one anonymous Atlanta United front office member. “We called up Cincinnati on the spot and within an hour or two we had some TAM to transition into some real money. We are going to use that Garza money there and at the Clermont, later.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Atlanta United consider trading Brad Guzan for a trip into the Champagne Room.