Area Man Actually Wants Skip Bayless' Opinion On Soccer

Tulsa, OK - After a fascinating Major League Soccer playoff weekend featuring a number of compelling matches, area man David Hughes emphatically indicated that he actually wanted Skip Bayless’ opinion on soccer.


“Why isn’t Bayless talking about soccer this morning,” ranted Hughes to his aghast friends who started physically moving away from the Oklahoma man at the very thought of this happening. “We need more people like Bayless and Stephen A. Smith yelling very loud things about the game after this kind of weekend.”

While friends attempted to calm Hughes down and inform him that no one should actually want Skip Bayless’ opinion on anything remotely related to soccer, the Tulsa man composed a tweet that he targeted towards Bayless, Smith and any sports personality with a talk show as he attempted to force them to speak on the subject of soccer and the Major League Soccer playoffs.

“Dear God in heaven I don’t know why he would ask such a thing,” stated good friend Wanda Evans. “There isn’t one person in the world that thinks that Bayless should say even one syllable about soccer. Hell, he really shouldn’t talk about Basketball either, but that’s not my fanbase.”

According to insiders, the friends and family of Hughes are reportedly staging and intervention after this recent outburst in an attempt to keep Hughes from successfully reaching out to the aforementioned media muppets.

As well, associates of Hughes created a Change.Org petition stating, “We, the undersigned, do not support this action and we renounce the views of David Hughes. Keep our sport Bayless free.”

The Nutmeg News will hopefully have no more on this.