Marta And 14 Other People Nominated For Inaugural Women's Ballon d'Or

PARIS - France Football announced that Marta and 14 other people who may or may not be soccer players were nominated for the inaugural women’s Ballon d’Or.


“We are excited to welcome Marta to the stage again,” stated Claude Perrier, director of France Football. “As the reigning FIFA Player Of The Year, Marta will be a great representative for the burgeoning women’s game that shows no signs of slowing down despite their inability to vote.”

Fans the world over state that if Marta wins another best player award this season they will likely roll their eyes once more amd sigh deeply into their coffee before firing off an angry tweet and getting back to work.

“Yeah, Um…. who the hell votes on this shit?” asked Chicago Red Stars fan Diana Evans. “If the winner isn’t Sam Kerr, then they can all just jump into the ocean.”

When asked about Ms Kerr’s chances France Football commentator Jaque Villaneu stated, “We believe in equality between our competitors and we support Mr. Sam Kerr’s candidacy. even if there is a controversy of his inclusion into this field.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when Marta wins again.