Neil deGrasse Tyson Announces Return To New York Cosmos

NEW YORK - A sweaty Neil deGrasse Tyson announced his return to the New York Cosmos, on Monday, as he posted a shot of himself getting back in shape for the upcoming Cosmos season.


The versatile defender admitted that during the offseason he put on some pounds but was ready to, "Defend the Cosmos and ensure that the opposition will be defeated at all costs."

Sources indicate that the Cosmos were thrilled to have Tyson on the backline, but cautioned the long time defender that he will be expected to provide more physical play as he can't solely rely upon his intellect to solve the problems that will be approaching him.

"We need Neil to really get out there and hit someone," stated Cosmos Chairman Rocco B. Commisso. 

A provision for Tyson's return to the Cosmos was that he reduce the amount of time he tweets and spend more time in the weight room limiting the damage done to the Cosmos back line by long diagonal balls.

Mr. Tyson stated that actually the real problem last season was the Cosmos inability to finish their scoring chances in the 18.