Denver Based Fan Of Club Leon Quickly Gentrifying Liga MX For Friends

Denver, CO - Denver based fan of Club Leon, Jeremiah Smith, is quickly gentrifying Liga MX for his friends as the former Rapids supporter went all-in on his love of Club Leon after the acquisition of Landon Donovan.


"I really hadn't thought of supporting a Liga MX team before Jeremiah suggested it," stated good friend Brock Haverbrook. "It's pretty sweet, honestly. It's not the best team in the world, but I think if we can get some more air time in the United States, some different food options in the stadium and maybe some increased vacation packages to visit and see Landon we are going to get a lot more people on board."

Good friend Jessica Stevens stated that while she was originally a Manchester United and Chelsea fan, that she was considering picking up Club Leon as her team after Jeremiah promised that he was going to work with the club to add in United States supporter packages that catered to their fandom.

"He said that we would all get Club Leon branded Kombucha called Donovan's Green Desires," stated Stevens to The Nutmeg News. "That has me way more interested in Club Leon than I originally thought. Admittedly, I'm getting priced out of my Chelsea support, and it feels nice to get into a community like Club Leon where we are just starting to see it open up to English speaking audiences from the United States. It's a great fixer-upper club! I'm planning on telling all my friends about this unique opportunity to turn this hole in the wall Mexican soccer club into something great with some great international value."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Stevens, Haverbrook and Smith start the first official English speaking Club Leon Hinchada and Social Club in LODO.