Boone's Farm Named Official Wine Of The NPSL

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) announced a partnership with Boone's Farm as the boutique vintage wine-like beverage was named the Official Wine of the NPSL.



(It's no Rock N Rye, tho)

"We are excited to work with Boone's Farm and E & J Gallo Winery," stated Joe Barone, Chairman of the NPSL. "We feel like our unique clientele and our players can empathize with the unique terroir brought to the table by Boone's Farm."

Fans across the league are reportedly excited for the new partnership saying that the fortified hangover machine will help them cope with the standard of play for some of the teams.

"Hell yeah I'm excited," stated Elm City Express fan David Hughes. "It'll help with those summer doldrum games. You ever try Watermelon on ice with some Sprite? It's amazing. You can LITERALLY feel the hangover creeping up on your brain."

Jose Guiterrez, a fan of Chattanooga FC, stated that he was, "excited for the opportunity to watch a game drinking Boone's Farm and wake up passed out in a pile of my own sick in front of JJ's Bohemia."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as branded NPSL Boone's Farm makes its way to a empty loading dock near you.