Father Questions Coach's Commitment To Sparklemotion FC

Kansas City, MO - Local Kansas City resident Peter Swick started a campaign to have U12 coach Stephen Orwitz removed as the head coach of his son's youth soccer team Sparklemotion FC, on Thursday. Using the hashtag "#OrwitzOut" Swick posted his views to Twitter and then copied the tweets to the team's Facebook group and slack channel.

"Despite what your parents may have told you, I am not the antichrist hell bent on corrupting you with NFL values."

"Despite what your parents may have told you, I am not the antichrist hell bent on corrupting you with NFL values."

"He's unfit to be a coach," Swick told The Nutmeg News, "What alerted me to this is that he uses the phrase 'offsides.' Are you kidding me? He's a coach and he doesn't know how to drop the 's' from offside? This is the first year the boys are really starting to get into the game. They're playing 9v9 and introducing more rules like the offside rule. Maybe it's time we introduced proper coaching as well."

Nutmeg News reporters spoke with Coach Orwitz who had the following to say. 

"Oh, I never really thought about it, to be honest. I grew up watching american football with my dad and grandpa and it's kind of a hard habit to break after 40 some years. I guess I never picked up that there's no 's'."

Coach Orwitz has been voluntarily coaching soccer for 5 years ever since his son started playing and dedicates three nights a week plus Saturday mornings helping encourage and coach the boys to become better soccer players. 

"He's a hack and I question his commitment to Sparklemtion FC, I question his commitment to soccer and I question his love of the game." Swick ranted online. "Supposedly he says his favorite team is Manchester United, but there's no way that's the case if he doesn't use the proper football terminology on and off the pitch. Oh sorry, I forgot we're under Orwitz's bastardization of terms leadership. I mean to say proper SOCCER terminology on and off THE FIELD. #OrwitzOUT!"

We told Coach Orwitz about Swick's Twitter campaign to have him removed as the coach. "Mr. Swick? Logan's dad? You mean the guy who shows up to the games Saturday mornings stinking of booze and wearing Premier League gear? The same one that yells over me to the boys and tells them to get in formations that we haven't taught them? I'd love to see him coach just one practice with 15 boys, 4 of which are ADHD and one of which has Tourettes. Let's see if he doesn't accidentally leave an 's' on offside." 

The remonstrations of Coach Orwitz did nothing to dissuade Swick from his campaign to remove the man as he responded, "Is he abusing the boys? Physically, no. However, some would not hesitate to say that what he's doing is nearly as bad as physical abuse. What he's doing has really long term consequences and some would say that does qualify. I'm not saying that's me, but I'm just saying that it'd be best if he were just removed. #OrwitzOut."

When asked if he would be willing to fill in as the interim coach Swick stated, "That depends. Will I have to interact with parents? I like to drink whiskey when watching Premier League games on the weekends and I usually show up to the kids games pretty buzzed. It's the only way I can watch this crap."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Swick continues his tactic of being a bully on social media and yelling at the coach from the sidelines.