New ECS T.I.F.O. Design Will Contain Helpful Tips On Surviving A Nuclear Armageddon

Seattle, WA - Leaked information from within the Emerald City Supporters indicate that an upcoming T.I.F.O. design will contain helpful tips on surviving a nuclear armageddon in the case of either the United States or North Korea or China starting a complete nuclear war that envelops the earth in radioactive debris.



According to our source, which will not be named, the T.I.F.O. will contain tips like, "Stock up on non-perishable food," and, "construct a fall out shelter with enough supplies for two weeks,"  as well as sage advice like, "clean water and sex will be a commodity, protect both with a homemade trebuchet," and other details like, "potassium iodide pills are totes sexy," and, "property rights will be a figment in the new world, cities will be death, deathclaws should be avoided."

The display, which is still in the process of construction, will be one of the most ambitious projects the Emerald City Supporters have ever attempted to pull off incorporating a coordinated demonstration that includes gas masks that do nothing, suits made out of Tyvek that do nothing to prevent the horrible creeping spread of radiation that blisters your flesh, and an erotic dance set to You Dropped A Bomb On Me by The Gap Band.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this after we finish our drill to duck and cover.