Female Referee Strives For Equality With Male Referees By Being Booed For Incompetence Not Gender

Professional Referee Organization member, Angela Gutierrez, admitted that she longed for the day when she would be booed at a soccer game for making the wrong call and not booed just for being a woman.  

Bless you, referees. Bless you all for bearing our anger.

Bless you, referees. Bless you all for bearing our anger.

"I live in hope that when I incorrectly make an offside call that the boos and yells from the fans in the stadium will shower down upon me without misogynistic remarks," stated Gutierrez to The Nutmeg News. "I believe that some day, when I call a foul, that fans will see competence or gross incompetence, or really anything to do with refereeing that has nothing to do with my gender."

The target of slurs and inappropriate statements over the years, Gutierrez admitted that she has a very thick skin when it comes to fan harassment. However, the 32 year old native of Oakland stated that she, "dreams of equality with her male counterparts in terms of the hate levied upon us after a game."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when Gutierrez makes a foul call in an NWSL game and revels in the massive boos and jeers that come in without any prejudice.