Introvert Struggling To Cope With Hugging Stranger After Goal

San Jose, CA - Jake Edwards, a San Jose Earthquakes fan and admitted introvert, stated by email that he was internally struggling to cope with hugging a complete stranger after the second Chris Wondolowski goal during yesterday's US Open Cup match against the LA Galaxy.

"It was during the goal refractory period," stated Edwards from his anonymous email account "I felt terrible that I hugged this complete stranger next to me in celebration. I couldn't stop thinking whether he thought it was too awkward, or if I was too sweaty, or if he hadn't wanted to hug, or if possibly I needed to buy him a beer now."

Edwards is well known, within his circle of friends, for overthinking even the most common situation although his guild leader @darksoulspunymortal states that he is taking this situation to new levels as Edwards recently chatted about the hugging situation during a Hearthstone tavern brawl they played this morning. 

Edwards email continued by summarizing his current level of near agoraphobic terror with the Earthquakes crowd as he wrote, "I continued to wonder if I was supposed to have a conversation with him now, or if I was just supposed to stand there watching the game, and then I thought of whether I should invite him to my D&D party next weekend, but honestly he didn't look like the kind of guy who would be into D&D and that was because he was wearing a t-shirt that just had Levi's written on it and I cant decide if I want to try to make a new friend now because I'm really just trying to finish these 5 books that I bought from Prime in order to make my subscription worth the effort and look I don't even know what his name is, but I thought that I probably should have asked THAT back before I was hugging him, and that the moment had already passed and now it was just going to be awkward so I really just thought about leaving my seats and hanging out in the concourse so I didn't have to think about it again."

Our reporters reached out to Nathan Carson, the fan that Edwards hugged, about the exchange and he stated the following, "Yeah! That game was sick, everyone was having so much fun. I was wasted. Good game, man. Hella great."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Edwards continues to debate about the proper hugging protocol for the next game that he attends provided that his allergies aren't acting up again next month and you really never know if someone actually wants to hug you or if that even makes them your friend.