Soccer Fans Already Not Attending St. Louis FC Games Can't Wait To Become "Best Fans In Soccer"

St. Louis, MO - Soccer fans already not attending St. Louis FC games reportedly can't wait to become, "The Best Fans In Soccer," as they build upon their resume as the, "Best Fans In Baseball (tm)".

Support your local team

Support your local team

"We already know the legends of Tony La Russa, Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Charles Comiskey, and the fact that we have over 10,000 wins," stated Cardinals superfan Deryk Franklin. "But that's not even the start of it. The real deal is that we are the Best Fans In Baseball and we will become the Best Fans In Soccer just as soon as we have a soccer team worth supporting."

Franklin proceeded to then wax rhapsodic about the knowledgeable St. Louis Cardinals and Soccer fan stating, "We clap when players make a correct shift in the outfield. We negotiate the treacherous conversations about the bunt. We always show up for our team in large numbers. Being the Best Fans In Baseball is just a natural part of our existence, just like winning a World Series and being against the Designated Hitter. We just can't wait to show everyone our historic love of soccer in the city for all the teams currently not playing and the one that may or may not come based upon a stadium that currently isn't built. We are talking about over 100 years of history from the St. Louis Soccer league and the St. Leo's to the Stars, the Steamers, the Storm and those other clubs that might be running right now in a league that isn't MLS."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we attempt to quickly spin up a "Best Fans In Soccer" twitter account only find out it is involved in a pitch battle between Atlanta United and Seattle Sounders fans.