While Having A Serious Look In The Mirror, Minnesota United Defenders Give Up Additional Goal

Minneapolis, MN - At the behest of head coach and cannon fodder Adrian Heath, the Minnesota United defense took a serious look in the mirror at themselves and proceeded to give up another crushing goal just two days after their debacle against the New England Revolution.

 Chris Christo - Boston Herald

 Chris Christo - Boston Herald

"Coach said that we needed to take a look at ourselves in the mirror," stated defender Vadim Demidov. "So we did, and we let in another goal. It was terrible. We asked the coach for better instructions on how to stop letting in goals but he just kept screaming at us to seriously look in the mirror and that this honest self reflection that stop them from scoring."

Apparently, while the back four of Minnesota United stared at themselves in the mirror intently, Juan Agudelo ran through the bewildered back line and struck home another goal putting the tally at 6 goals on the weekend.

"I didn't know there would be enough space out there, but it was easy," stated Agudelo. "They just kept talking about needing to stare at themselves in a mirror and really figure out why this is happening. I thought they would have actual instructions to do things like play compact, stay in front of the ball, prevent crosses into the box and stop the leaks, but they kept shouting at each other to look in the mirror."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Minnesota United defense switches to hand mirrors to aid mobility.