Riverhounds Fan Misses Hertzog Goal While Staring At Placid Serenity Of Monongahela River

Pittsburgh, PA - Pittsburgh Riverhounds fan Tom Campbell admitted that he missed the season opening Riverhounds goal by Corey Hertzog as Campbell was blankly staring at the placid serenity of the Monongahela River.

Look over at the play, Tom! COME ON, MAN!

Look over at the play, Tom! COME ON, MAN!

"New York scored and I was staring at the river thinking about riverboat captains and how people used to travel during the 1800s," stated Campbell to The Nutmeg News. "I didn't know that Hertzog was going to score such a great goal. I had to wait until someone uploaded a gif to actually see it."

Campbell states that with his seats in section 108, that he sometimes just daydreams about travelling down the river towards the distant frontier as he stares at the passing boats.

"It was a tough day for me, to be honest. Prior to the game I consumed a burrito and the contents were weighing upon my constitution. I just stared out at the river and was thinking about old steamships when everyone started celebrating."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Campbell attempts to not be distracted by the paddle wheel boat cruising up and down the river... and .... what if we all went back to that simple time when people dressed up to get on boats and.... oh shit... is that another goal?