Despite Shovels In Dirt, D.C. United Fan Still Doesn't Believe Stadium Rumors

WASHINGTON - Despite shovels in the dirt and a groundbreaking ceremony, D.C. United fan Quincy Pearson admitted that he still doesn't believe the stadium rumors of a new facility for D.C. United.



"Nope, this is just another lie in the whole process," stated Pearson to The Nutmeg News. "I know this because I've been a fan for 21 years and I've seen roughly 21 different proposals come my way, and we are currently playing in RFK. So, no... there is no stadium."

Reportedly, fellow fans attempted to convince Pearson that the stadium deal actually is happening this time but he continued his resolute conviction that the whole thing was a fraud.

"Nope, doesn't matter. I know what I know and I know that no matter what I'm still walking into RFK for first kick. This is all just a false flag to distract us from the fact that Olsen is still coaching this team."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Pearson continues to state this fact even after he attends a game at the new stadium.