Roy Moore Funds U-15 Girls Soccer Academy

Montgomery, AL - In an effort to appeal to liberal voters in Alabama, Senate candidate Roy Moore announced his intention, on Friday, to fund and personally manage a U-15 girls soccer academy in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

For God and Country.... and 14 year old girls.

For God and Country.... and 14 year old girls.

"Part of our effort is to reach out to voters on both sides of the aisle," stated Moore chief-of-staff Rich Hobson. "Roy may have been banned from the mall, but not from the sidelines!!!"

"Statistics show that soccer is very popular with godless leftist communists," continued Hobson. "Thusly we are going to bring some of the love of the lord back into their lives with a youth soccer team that is managed according to the standards of the old testament God. It'll be about regional pride and subservience to your elders. Everyone should want Roy having a part in the development of their youth."

Moore, for his part, states that he will be hands-on in the management and formation of the teams stating that he would leave no stone un-turned to unearth talent from across Alabama.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when Moore is still elected to the Senate from Alabama.