Mediators Brought In To Stop Internet Bloodshed Between Sporting Kansas City And IFK Göteborg

OSLO - Mediators were brought in at the neutral location of Oslo, Norway in an attempt to settle the ancient feud between Sporting Kansas City and IFK Göteborg that rages on to this day.

Air Force photo by Margo Wright

Air Force photo by Margo Wright

Mediators from the firm of Häagen and Daaz were made available to the teams in an attempt to stop the shitposting and memes that fanned the ever toxic flames of the internationally recognized deathmatch over the past 120 years.

"The ultras were absolutely set on a bricks, bats, and/or voguing battle the next time the two teams play," stated mediator Jaared Heinz. "We worked with the two groups to calm down the hysteria and enmity that exists between the two international firms."

 According to insider sources, the top boys from both The Cauldron and Änglarna 1973 were hesitatingly moving forward to a temporary truce provided there isn't one more Swedish Chef joke made before the armistice is signed.

Top Boy Stian Haaken stated that they would gladly battle Kansas City supporters in the arts of combative dance at Liseberg, and the Baltespannarparken and by Drottninggatan street, as long as the supporters from the Cauldron could find these locations.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the armistice is broken immediately.