LA Galaxy Announce David Beckham Signing

LOS ANGELES - The LA Galaxy announced a huge development in the battle for Los Angeles against LAFC as they stated that David Beckham would be signing..... various pieces of memorabilia..... for the Los Angeles Galaxy during the 2018 season.


"We are proud to have international superstar David Beckham sign objects for the Galaxy once again," stated Pete Vagenas, vice president of soccer operations. "We aim to show that we are the preeminent soccer side in Los Angeles and feel that David signing (items) for us will show our intention."

Insider sources indicate that Beckham was enticed to sign some objects by a multi-million dollar bonus that he will reinvest into another search for a billionaire with more money than sense in Miami.

That information didn't dull the Galaxy's day, on Thursday, as they boldly announced the Beckham signing with all the aplomb of a side that recently fired Curt Onalfo.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Galaxy announce a Robbie Keane signing......... of memorabilia from his MLS Cup win.