MLS Bloggers Ready To Launch 1000 "Balance Of Power Has Shifted From West To East" Stories

Bloggers for Major League Soccer stated that they were collectively ready to launch 1000, "Balance Of Power Has Shifted From West To East," stories on their unrelated blogs as the MLS offseason chugs onward.

It's a jumping off point!!

It's a jumping off point!!

"From Toronto FC winning MLS Cup to Atlanta United acquiring young and exciting players from Argentina, clearly the balance of power has shifted," stated blogger Thad Newton. 

"I'm planning my whole column around how the Nagbe acquisition by Atlanta shows the rising Eastern Conference," stated blogger Paul Thomas. 

"I've got a thoroughly investigated statistical analysis piece that is getting posted to my SB Nation blog in 2 weeks that shows how the East is better than the West and getting better every month," stated statistics blogger James Olivares. 

With tens of thousands of unpaid bloggers and hundreds of recently fired journalists ready to submit their piece of mind for their carefully curated websites, analysts say to be careful of a "East > West" article backlash.

"Our analysis shows that considerate bloggers will wait for the flood and then post an alternative reaction against the prevailing trend," stated Brookings Institute fellow and Blog Analysis Professor Dick Withers. "Bloggers attempting to succeed in positioning themselves against the people positioning themselves against the West are going to have a good February."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we count down the Top 10 ways the East is Better than the west in 2018.