Repeated Entreaties By MASL Stadium Announcer Do Not Increase Team's Defensive Abilities

St. Louis, MO - Repeated entreaties by St. Louis Ambush stadium announcer James Winter failed to increase the team's performance on defense as his calls for defense echoed off the walls of The Family Arena in St. Charles.



"DE..... FENSE...." implored a forlorn Winter over the public adress system as he attempted to get both the Ambush defense and the home fans in unison over this perceived weakness.

"DE..... FENSE," he cried again into the night, somewhat forlornly. 

Despite Winter's best efforts, the Ambush fell to the charging Milwaukee Wave 4-3 as they continued an unfortunate 0-7 start to the season.

"If we could just get a consensus of when I say, 'defense,' you repeat the word defense," argued Winter with downtrodden fans who marched out of The Family Arena after the most recent loss. "It would really help. Look, I'll try now... DE.... FENSE," he cried to the back of retreating Ambush fan Darren Hart. 

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Winter's exceptional performance on the mic during the upcoming Cedar Rapids Rampage game inspires the Ambush to a streak breaking victory.