Story From 2010 Away Game Actually Not Exaggerated

Portland, OR - According to fellow Timbers fans, Greg Ammerman's story from a 2010 away game to Crystal Palace Baltimore is still not exaggerated in any way as Ammerman's relatively boring story about supporting his team on the road droned on for the 61st retelling.



"It was then that I went to the Amish market in Cockeysville," stated Ammerman to a bored group of fellow fans that hoped he would pump up the storyline a little bit for this retelling. "Everything was very expensive, but the food was good. Then we had to make it out to Catonsville. And we did. And Ryan Pore scored first, and we thought we were going to win, and then Baltimore scored twice... and we didn't win."

Reportedly, Ammerman's dedication to telling the story as accurately as possible made the story increasingly boring, over the years, as he intentionally leaves things out that he can't remember as being accurate or not. 

"I thought this was going to be an epic retelling of a pre-MLS game away," stated new Timbers fan David Samuels. "Instead it was... well... boring. It's probably true, but I always thought things were going to be more exciting about those pre-MLS days."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ammerman boils the story down to, "I went to Baltimore for a Timbers game and the Timbers lost."