INJURY REPORT: Supporter Out 1 Year Due To Child

Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota United supporter Lisa Hendricks ruptured her season tickets in the fourth quarter of 2017 not only ending her 2018 season but leaving the Dark Clouds without one of their most visible and vocal leaders in support. 


"You're not going to replace Lisa with another Lisa. That's not what happens," stated Dark Clouds manager Erik Smith. "The guys know that Lisa would be disappointed if they left off supporting the Loons. I think we'll be OK there."

Lisa was ruled out for the season while covering her husband David with a blanket on an afternoon romp. She hobbled at the end of the play into the hospital and promptly sat on the bed where the doctors and nurses began examining her. Hendricks did not appear to be in obvious discomfort but reported some light flatulence.

The Dark Clouds have dealt with a rash of season ending Pregnancy in recent years, including two sustained by Stephanie Portney. The star supporter's latest occurred late last season, but she managed to return to the field by Summer games and was a full participant in the run at the end of the season.

Hendricks also has a history of overcoming serious hurdles in her career

She missed most of the 2011 season after having to move to Madison for training, only to start 10 games the following season. She also missed the final 4 games of the 2013 regular season while undergoing treatment for vitamin D deficiency at the holistic spa in Cabo San Luca, only to return for pre-season games and again attend all games the following season.

Hendricks was coming off arguably her best year in 2016 when she made $43,000, changed her haircut, re-organized her closet space, and finally returned that library book she had in her possession from 2015. She almost single-handedly won a trivia night at Keegan's Pub, and was a big reason why her kickball team went 12-4 and won their first regular season title since 2012.

"She had an opportunity to talk to the supporters group yesterday after the positive test," Smith said, "and I know she would be very disappointed if anyone hung their head or let her birth plan be an issue. And I thought that everyone handled it very well. Our guys were able to kind of muster it up and keep the emotional soccer part in focus without resorting to mucus plug jokes."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hendricks pushes hard to recover in enough time for first kick in 2018.