Supporter Now Has An Additional 140 Characters To Utilize In Embarrassing Fanbase

Boston, MA - Fans of the Revolution were reportedly aghast that the Twitter account of Soccer supporter Jermaine Pearson (@NEsoccertruths) was upgraded to the new Twitter standard of 280 characters giving him an additional 140 characters to utilize in embarrassing the entirety of the Revolution fanbase as well as fans of the United States Men's and Women's national team.

More Characters? Hell yes.

More Characters? Hell yes.

"I am now unshackled to tell the truth about how terrible the Mexican national team is on a global level, re-tweet long form racist jokes about my neighbors, tweet xenophobic viewpoints about dual national players, explode the global SUM conspiracy dedicated towards the downfall of the United States Men's Team, and all other salacious rumors about US Soccer. I'm going to start by crafting an essay towards individual US players to tell them how being more patriotic would help their play 1/64," stated @NEsoccertruths as he launched his 280 character domination in full swing.

"I also plan on tweeting at supporters that I dislike starting with the following list of people who had statements contrary to mine in the stands roughly 4 years ago who are very clearly assholes."

Pearson then started on a 280 character enhanced rant that reportedly ended with him tweeting directly at national soccer reporters with insane personal convictions until he was blocked by nearly every reporter for rampant abuse.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Pearson expands his 280 character rants with screen shots of his verbal diarrhea from Windows Notepad.