"EVENTUALLY There's Going To Be A Good Western Conference Playoff Game," States Soccer Fan At Slot Machine

Reno, NV - Soccer fan and degenerate gambler Terry "Fuzer" Huser stated, "EVENTUALLY there's going to be a good western conference playoff game," as he continued to hit spin on his Kitty Glitter slot machine.



Huser was adamant in his belief that eventually, if he kept watching, there would be a Western Conference Playoff game that wasn't hot garbage as he continued to be one of the 24 people nationwide to watch the Houston/Portland and Seattle/Vancouver series to the final kick.

"They can't all be terrible games. Eventually somethings gotta give," stated Huser as he took a long drag from his vape and looked wistfully at a pack of American Spirits to his left. "The east? Great games. Even the worst game from the east is better than every game from the western conference combined. But I know that watching them is going to pay off. Eventually it is going to come up my number. I'm going to win, because I'm a winner. It's going to happen, right? Right."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Huser spends his final $200 on Kitty Glitter and moves over to the Blazing 7s machine because that one has all the luck.