Soccer Reporter Temporarily Forgets He Is About To Lose His Job While Filing Post Game Report

Seattle, WA - Soccer reporter Bryce Harper admitted that he temporarily forgot about the fact that he is about to lose his job while in the act of filing his game report after the Vancouver Whitecaps - Seattle Sounders playoff game finished.


"I actually forgot that I'm participating in a dead industry that is quickly turning into ashes while my career options dwindle," stated Harper to The Nutmeg News on Friday. "I managed to get caught up with finishing my story about the Sounders progressing in the playoffs and totally forgot the fact that in the next three months, or so, I'm going to actually have to figure out if I need to move out of my apartment because I can't find any writing jobs and my application with the Shell gas station on Broadway was rejected for having too much experience."

Harper stated that when he was racking up student debt going through journalism school he didn't anticipate a time when the career choice that he passionately pursued was going to whither and die in front of his eyes.

"Most of my friends have already been let go from their positions, moved to other departments or left the city in an attempt to find more opportunities elsewhere," stated Harper. "I just don't even know, anymore, if sports writing exists except for a few people on the league payrolls. I don't even know why I like soccer anymore. I find myself hating the games I have to attend, the leagues that won't give you any quotes, the grind of publishing and the long hours with the possibility of being fired randomly on a Thursday."

The Nutmeg News will have more as Harper tries to figure out if he can transition into grant writing or if he should just go to nursing school.