The Nutmeg News Presents: 2017’s Best Cities For Soccer Fans

Around the latter half of 2017, Americans and Canadians realized that they like soccer in some capacity. However, they also realized that they, more than anything, like to remain cool. How then, to combine the both and which location is the best for doing so?

In this piece we detail the best cities for soccer fans in North America.

All ideas available from

All ideas available from

#10 - Gainsville, FL

During the month of June, the daily high is around 89°F in Gainsville. Imagine what a soccer fan could do for your air quality at this time.

#9 - Atlanta, GA

This is a great location for a soccer fan. Almost everyone is running air conditioning, but imagine having a soccer fan gently buffeting that cool air around you as you relax and wait for the Premier League to kick off.

#8 - Dallas, TX

Again with the air conditioning, but there are some locations in the older parts of University Park that needed a window unit. This would be a great location for a soccer fan

#7 - Nashville, TN

Soccer fans unite! Because that larger apartment needs some air circulation and you are staying in this summer to eat some ribs before you head out to the Bluebird for writers night.

This is more the classy fan option with a reduced blade presence.

This is more the classy fan option with a reduced blade presence.

#6 - San Jose, CA

A surprise entry on this list, but there's a few high vaulted ceilings that make this location one of the best cities for a soccer fan. Having one at this location will really keep your summers cool.

#5 - Houston, TX

That Houston made this list isn't surprising, but that Dynamo fan Darla Hendricks apartment could use a soccer fan is surprising. She recently realized that it would class up her second bedroom.

#4 - Montgomery, AL

Even in a football stronghold state, Montgomery shows up as an outlier location that would be perfect for a soccer fan. The humidity, heat, and inclination to stay inside makes this a fantastic place for a soccer fan and propels "The Gump" up to #4 on our 2017's Best Cities For Soccer Fans


#3 - Providence, RI

The only location in the north east that qualifies for The Nutmeg News best cities for soccer fans makes the list because of a request sent from Providence mayor Jorge Elorza to make the list. Congratulations Jorge, and congratulations Providence!

#2 - Phoenix, AZ

There's hot and then there is Phoenix hot. Literally anything that gets air moving around you and possibly cools you down is good in Phoenix. That makes the Arizona city beat out the competition to land the #2 best location for soccer fans.

#1 - Guadalajara, MX

Best city for soccer fans. Enough Said. The United States and Canada won't be true soccer nations until they are able to seize the crown, but right now the available heat, climate and passion that the locals have for soccer fans has Guadalajara seize the crown.