"Oh God.... Not Another 30 Minutes Of This," States Everyone Watching This Game

The entirety of soccer fans watching the Houston Dynamo play Sporting Kansas City sighed deeply and stated, "Oh god.... not another 30 minutes of this," as they wondered if they could just get to the penalty kicks this game deserves.

"I have things to do, why the hell am I watching this," stated 30% of soccer fans watching the game.

"Ok, screw this," stated another 10% of the soccer fans watching the game.

"DEAR GOD MAKE IT END," stated another 20% of soccer fans watching the game.

The Nutmeg News will have less on this because..........ugh............ look.... It won't rain all the time, see that's a quote from The Crow. Let's talk about that. You folks remember The Crow? There's been a discussion among the writers here about whether the movie holds up. Not that the production values are bad, but what does it say about us a society that we've just accepted this goth industrial phase happened and then stopped happening but for a select few.

Everyone loves Kung Fu, though. EVERYONE. WHO DOESN'T?

Anyway, another really bad tackle. Oh great. There's more of this shit? DEAR SWEET DEITY ABOVE JUST END THIS. 

Wait, Houston doesn't have any subs left until extra time? Bet this makes a difference...........and it doesn't.................. sigh.