Chicago Fire To Move To Austin, Texas

Insider sources within the league state that the ownership group of the Chicago Fire, Andell Holdings, alongside the commissioner of Major League Soccer, Don Garber, filed a motion to move the Chicago Fire to Austin, Texas in 2019.


"We didn't have the turnout we expected at the last playoff game," stated owner Andrew Hauptman. "So I've decided to exercise a clause that I had in my Fire ownership contract that states that I can move the Fire to Austin, Texas if we have a playoff game with less than 15,000 people."

Averaging only 2,000 more people a game in 2017 than Austin Crew United, the Austin Fire admitted that they were disappointed with their season and eager to move.

"This is all the fans fault," stated Hauptman. "We blame them. If the fans were better, this wouldn't be a big issue."

When asked for a comment on Hauptman's statement, Don Garber stated, "Andrew is correct. This is all the fans fault and if the Fire wants to move to Austin, we will let them. We could use 2 teams in Texas. It's a big state without any soccer, currently."

10's of local Austin soccer fans turned out on the internet in response to the news that the Fire were moving to Austin as they claimed the city could absolutely support two MLS clubs.

"Despite losing our club, twice," stated Austin soccer fan Yancey Thiggins. "We are absolutely ready for two Major League Soccer clubs."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Andell Holdings looks to see if this is even possible.