American MK Dons Fan States, "This Crew Situation Is Why I Only Follow English Football"

Boston, MA - American Milton Keynes Dons fan Nick Devos stated to his friends, "This Columbus Crew situation is why I only follow English football," as he prepared to find a stream for the Dons upcoming game against Oldham, tomorrow.



"England would never let teams just move around, clubs are part of the local fabric of the community," ranted Devos to his disinterested friend Paul Philips. "MLS teams are franchises. They are a squad of inter-mural athletes that play against each other in scrimmages. I think anyone that supports teams in MLS is a fraud and probably should just stop watching sports all together. Honestly, I truly think that if you watch an MLS squad you should burn down your house, any other house or bar in which you watched a game, give away all your possessions, leave your family behind and move to the desert to repent for your sins for the rest of your life."

Devos started following the Dons during a brief 3 day stay in the area around October of 2010 when he happened upon a free ticket.

"They aren't the best club, but they are a club and they are part of the local community, and the owner is the owner, and that means that they don't have any weird things that would make them leave. That's English football. It's like 250 years of tradition, or something, over some plastic idiots standing around following an Arby's franchise from their city. I don't care if this makes me sound like a massive asshole, everyone who watches MLS deserves all of this. SHEEP."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Devos continues to try to sway people to his viewpoint by calling them idiots.