Winding Road Of Soccer Journalism Leads To Internship At Subway

NEW YORK - Theresa Marshall's winding road of being a soccer journalist appropriately lead to her internship at Subway as a sandwich artist in training, as the highly skilled and talented writer was recently laid off by the New York Picayune. 

Your degree in Journalism and focus on soccer can lead to YOU making the big decisions on how to toast the bread.

Your degree in Journalism and focus on soccer can lead to YOU making the big decisions on how to toast the bread.

As a youth, Marshall obsessively spent time honing her craft as she wrote short stories for herself and her family. She, as well, became obsessed with the game of soccer spending time learning the players, techniques, and storylines that would eventually lend a qualified and yet sympathetic tone to her writing that gave true insight to the dozens of readers that clicked on her stories.

Having graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Journalism, Marshall then spent years applying for a various number of positions across the United States as she attempted to find ways to pay back her student loans while simultaneously schooling herself on North American soccer and keeping herself flexible enough to be able to move to wherever she could find a job.

All this time spent editing, blogging, writing and applying for positions gave her a vast amount of expertise in the game of soccer and the game of reporting; as well as the ability to juggle all her student loans against her minuscule paycheck while fielding angry comments from anonymous individuals who didn't appreciate 6 inches of column space in their online newspaper being dedicated to soccer.

Marshall then was able to get a job as a partial soccer reporter for the New York Picayune while also simultaneously covering local high school football, basketball, and track and field.

Marshall's soccer pieces for the Picayune gained her notoriety as she sagaciously opined and reported on the state of soccer in the New York area. She then dedicated herself wholly to reporting on the game as she struggled to deal with the financial implications of being a journalist in an expensive city while needing to keep her knowledge of local soccer, club soccer, international soccer and the nuances of supporters groups in her area.

Her career was then accelerated, as all traditional soccer journalists for major newspapers experience, as the Picayune let her go in order to focus more on re-printing opinion pieces from nationally syndicated political columnists, buzzfeed aggregation lists, and reprints of Marmaduke. 

Her soccer column is survived by her still burning love of the game and her 124 soccer gifs that she created from her official newspaper twitter account. Donations can be made to the Newark Subway restaurant at 250 Central Ave, Newark, NJ or her Patreon account where she is taking donations in an effort to restart her soccer blog.