Live Tweet Of MLS Combine A Desperate Cry For Help

Altoona, PA - Friends of Quincy Norwood recognized that his live tweet of the MLS Combine game on Sunday was actually a desperate cry for help as they bonded together to see what went so wrong in his life as to lead to the moment where he decided to tweet the play by play of a meaningless game between prospects on a Sunday in January.

We are all here for you Quincy. We love you. Why.... why in God's name the combine?

We are all here for you Quincy. We love you. Why.... why in God's name the combine?

"Quincy.... we love you and we don't want to lose you," stated ex-girlfriend Jessica Holbrook. "We are just concerned and we want to know if you need help. It's just not normal, Quince. Sure, some people believe that live tweeting a pre-season game is unacceptable but at least there is developmental stuff to your own squad, but the Combine? My god. When did you start on the hard stuff? Am I going to find a propsects and roster spots breakdown in your computer browser history?"

"As your father, I must tell you that you are killing your mother with this stuff," stated David Norwood of Philadelphia. "She had dreams of you being an architect... not a man who sits around talking about future prospects that aren't even out of college. My god, Quincy.... what has happened to you? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STOP FOLLOWING THE EAGLES."

While relatives tried to appeal to his sense of shame, close friends attempted to steer him into other activities.

"Have you tried weed?" asked good friend Jacob Steward. "Look... buddy... friend... we can get blazed and go down to watch Rogue One, again. Even that's a better use of your time."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as family find the Class of 2018 High School somphmore soccer prospectus from College Soccer News printed out and highlighted under Mr Norwood's bed.