Cosmos Ask For Volunteer Players Who Are Willing To Play For Experience

NEW YORK - After the North American Soccer League (NASL) was able to retain its D2 status, tenatively, the New York Cosmos stated that they would be looking for volunteer players willing to play for experience and the chance to get noticed in the future.

Photograph by Mike Stobe/New York Cosmos/Getty.

Photograph by Mike Stobe/New York Cosmos/Getty.

"The New York Cosmos are looking for up and coming players who would like to get noticed," read the statement from the Front Office of the Cosmos as typed by a finance officer turned secretary, Jennifer Kimball, who would also like to get noticed, paid and a new job because she is behind two months on her rent and only working still because she has no other options.

"We can offer training facilities, games, and the chance to put yourself in the public eye when we go on our two month US Open Cup run. We can offer catered water, training tips and the best way to network in our industry! Come work for the Cosmos today and get your career started!"

Reportedly, the Cosmos realized that if Blogs could stay alive by not paying their writers, that teams could do the same as well.

"We did a trial test of this in 2016 and it seemed to work, so going forward we are looking at an all volunteer team!" stated director of finance Kevin Kletz. "The Cosmos are BACK!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Cosmos tell players how much they have to pay to get the kit this season.