USL Schedulemakers Start Over As They Keep Forgetting Teams

USL Schedulemakers were forced, on Friday, to scrap their existing temporary schedule and start from scratch after forgetting to add all the teams in the league this season.

Where's the east farthing argonaut warriors?

Where's the east farthing argonaut warriors?

"We have something like 84 different teams, this season," stated director of planning, schedules, calendars and crock pot stew, David Millborough.

"It's a bit difficult to keep track of all of them. First time through a schedule mock up we forgot all about Rio Grande Valley FC. Then, the second time we forgot the Roughnecks. This was followed by the third time through fifth time in which we forgot to add the Battery. Then the 6th time through the 9th time we forgot the Tampa Bay Rowdies. There's a lot of teams of which to keep track."

Reportedly, with 30 teams in the league, the schedule makers found it difficult to come up with a schedule that can accommodate everyone.

"We've taken to just using a dart board and specially flighted darts with the logo of USL teams," stated Millborough. "We are actually thinking about streaming this next year on Youtube. This way we can pick which teams face each other on specific dates, and we do this randomly."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the USL gets ready to release the schedule before realizing that they've only scheduled 10 games for Louisville City FC.