The Acquisition Of MLS Legend Landon Donovan By Major League Soccer Begs The Question, Has Major League Soccer Finally Made It?

LOS ANGELES - At his Malibu home on the foreign coastline of California, Landon Donovan looked at his phone at the offer. It was decision time, for the MLS legend. Come out of retirement to play in the fledgling North American Major League Soccer or stay at home to focus on family and life.

"I originally refused to come out of retirement and join a league that would have me as a returning retired player," stated Donovan to The Nutmeg News. However a conversation with head coach Bruce Arena changed his mind and the player took a giant leap into a foreign league. The MLS legend texted back to MLS saying, "I'm in," and the journey from his home began.

The Legend Of MLS finally comes to MLS.

The Legend Of MLS finally comes to MLS.

The Major League Soccer started the journey towards acquisition of the retired player two years ago after Landon Donovan, MLS superstar, retired from the league he called home for so many years.

"We knew that we would have half a chance at being in for Donovan if we got to him right after retirement," stated Don Garber, commissioner of Major League Soccer. "We chased him for nearly 2 years and finally got him in this league. If anything in the world will show that Major League Soccer has finally made it in the professional sports landscape of North America, it is the acquisition of Landon Donovan to Major League Soccer."

Excited over the prospects of adding the legend of MLS to Major League Soccer, Major League Soccer hastily announced the news online declaring their triumph once and for all.

Pundits declared the victory complete as journalist Rob Grason for stated, "Finally MLS shows it is has arrived with the acquisition of veteran MLS player Landon Donovan. The myth, the shapeshifter, the master, the stallion of Rancho Cucamonga, the Legend of Major League Soccer finally comes to MLS. MLS has made it."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we interview other pundits from about the original pundit's opinion and whether they are true while also summarizing tweets from other people online and putting up a poll whether has made it now that Donovan is in the league.