Galaxy Legend Andrew Shue Also Considering Comeback

LOS ANGELES - LA Galaxy legend Andrew Shue is also considering a comeback to Major League Soccer (MLS) after watching the fervently accepted return of Landon Donovan to the league.



"The return of Landon reminded me of my own career, and I've always thought of what would happen if I came back," stated Shue to The Nutmeg News. "In between my time with Melrose Place and the Galaxy, it was well known that I was a Galaxy legend, and I know that Bruce Arena would find my contributions valuable off the bench."

Reportedly, the 49 year old former midfielder has found that retirement from Major League Soccer and Melrose Place isn't everything he thought it would be and has been practicing for his comeback with relentless binges of FIFA 2016.

"I'm playing as Barcelona so I'm really getting my touch back and this intricate passing. I can just hope that I can bring as much to the team as I did before when I was a key contributor coming off the bench. Did I tell you about my time playing soccer in Zimbabwe's first division? It was pretty great. Anyway. Everyone let Robbie Keane know that I'm coming back for my #7 kit. It's time for the return of the Shue."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Andrew Shue finds out that he has to go through the allocation process.