NWSL Regular Season Comes To A Close As Players Prepare Job Applications For Costco

The National Women's Soccer League regular season comes to a close this weekend as players within the league not on their respective national teams prepared to file job applications for Costco.

"I used to be a backup goalkeeper for the Boston Breakers!"

"I used to be a backup goalkeeper for the Boston Breakers!"

"I'm really scraping the bottom of any finances and any good will I have left with friends," stated one anonymous player in Seattle. "It's starting to become desperation time, but Costco has a good benefits program, it pays well and it would really hold me over til the season starts over again."

Many players not headed to the playoffs within the NWSL are already planning the long journey home to live with their parents in the effort to attempt to save enough money to hold them over for the entirety of 2017 so that they can essentially play for absolutely criminally low salaries in an effort to build a better future for the women of tomorrow.

"I just love the game too much to stop," stated one anonymous player for Western New York Flash. "It's like a drug addiction at some point. I just have to keep taking that hit every year. So now I have to go home, take stock of what I have about me, file job applications, and hopefully find stable employment so I can save up enough money to actually make it through the season next year. Maybe I'll get lucky and actually get a real paying job in a European league, but that's just a pipe dream right now."

Meanwhile, some players on playoff teams are already finding a way to continue as we received inside information that a group of players for the Washington Spirit are pooling together for a coupon clipping adventure so they can make it to through the post-season without starving.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the NWSL continues to pay players $7,200 for an entire season.