USL Notifies Robbie Rogers That He Faces Six Game Suspension For Snitching

League sources from the United Soccer League (USL) told The Nutmeg News that officials from the USL have notified Robbie Rogers that he is facing a suspension for lodging a complaint about the abusive and hateful language that was repeatedly used against him by Orange County Blues FC midfielder Richard Chaplow.

You folks at the USL are really bad at this.

You folks at the USL are really bad at this.

"The fact that he complained about this situation made us have to actually convene a council and figure out a disciplinary measure. The whole thing is really annoying," stated chairman Rob Hoskins. "It's not like we can do anything about what our players do, so we would rather that Robbie just put his head down and ignore everything that was happening so our lives could continue uncomplicated."

While Rogers is only on loan to the USL to recover from a recent injury, the league none the less notified Rogers that he was potentially looking at a 6 game suspension under the "no snitches" act. The USL, as well, notified Chaplow that he would be suspended two games as league representatives stated, "It's only a personal attack with hateful language. At least he wasn't abusing a referee. That would be unconscionable. Abusing someone cause they are gay? What are we to do? The USL roundly states that verbally abusing someone due to their sexuality is not NEARLY as bad as telling a referee he is shit."

"We love all our players equally," stated Hoskins. "You know what they say.... hate the sin but love the sinner, so it makes sense that we must punish the sin."

The Nutmeg News cannot confirm which player Hoskins was talking about as his media handlers shut down our interview immediately after this.