Carli Lloyd Delays Return To Off-Season Training With, "That Stupid League Thing"

United States international Carli Lloyd stated that she plans to delay her return to off-season training with, "that stupid league thing," after closing out her 2016 soccer season at the end of the Olympics.

Carli Lloyd celebrating at the end of the 2015 soccer season.

Carli Lloyd celebrating at the end of the 2015 soccer season.

Lloyd announced that she will not be back with the Houston Dash immediately following the 2016 Olympics as she doesn't feel the need to start her program of getting back in shape for the upcoming professional season of Women's World Cup Qualifying League.

"The WWCQL is the most important thing for me, but I don't want to go straight back into offseason training mode right after the Olympics," stated Lloyd to The Nutmeg News. "It's important to take a break from the training and rigors of the pre-season with the whole Womens Athletic League or whatever that stuff is called."

Lloyd additionally stated that she was frustrated with the demands put on her for her pre-season training with her NWSL team in Houston. 

"The Crash have just been all over me to get back on time, but I told them that my real season hasn't begun yet, so I'm just planning on taking some me time before I get back. I only need to start playing when the US Women get back into qualifying for the Algarve Cup or the Women's World Cup. That's when the season begins. Otherwise this whole thing is just pointless running around on a hot field for a bunch of saps stupid enough to actually pay money watch us play."

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