Major League Soccer Expands Social Media Program To Acknowledge Existence Of Canada

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer, today, updated their Twitter avatar and re-tweeted some Canada Day posts in order to acknowledge the existence of Canada in an effort to reach out to the country it usually forgets the other 364 days of the year.

"We would write something about the Canadian national team but they aren't good and we just don't care."

"We would write something about the Canadian national team but they aren't good and we just don't care."

"With the whole One Nation One Team business, recently, we were pretty much required to make a big deal out of Canada Day this year," stated President of Major League Soccer Mark Abbot. "None of us really know anything about Canada Day or Canada, but when we eventually absorb whatever they have into the United States as a non-voting but taxed district of the United States, we will have more time to learn about whatever it is that they do up there. It's syrup, Rush, Celine Dion and Beiber.... right?"

Fans of Major League Soccer teams in Canada were reportedly shocked to find out that the league was actually tweeting about their country as Toronto FC fan Desmond Budoix stated, "We thought that Major League Soccer was convinced that Toronto was just a suburb of Buffalo. It's pretty unreal. I suppose the fact that we actually get a day's worth of coverage makes up for the frequent orgiastic hyperbole that descends upon Major League Soccer when Michael Bradley steps up to play and get injured internationally."

Abbot and Garber stated, privately, however that they would be pulling the reins on any further Canada celebrations of the league stating, "We are privately still working on incorporating our Canadian cities into the United States so we don't have to worry about any of their pesky taxation or labor laws or international regulations. So don't worry, They desperately want to be part of One Nation, One Team and we are working to make that happen."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as people from the United States complain about the frequent Canada Day posts from Major League Soccer