Area Man Absolutely Begs To Be Overcharged For Games He Doesn't Care About

Kansas City, KS - Soccer fan Carl Quincy practically begged, on Twitter, to be overcharged and surcharged to death as he claimed, "Why don't they bring those Copa America games to a place that would sell out."



The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr Quincy about his feelings and he stated the following.

"We have great support here. We always sell out for the United States. Take the games away from Chicago, and give Kansas City a shot. We would absolutely sell out the stadium for a 90 degree mid-afternoon game featuring Venezuela and Jamaica that was priced like Argentina and Brazil were playing."

Reportedly, Mr Quincy was so adament about his belief that Kansas City would sell out their stadiums for the Copa America that he took to twitter to proclaim that belief stating, "Bring the Copa America here! Let's show Chicago and California what REAL support looks like"

When asked what his definition of real support is, Quincy stated, "Paying any amount of money for tickets, parking and concessions to watch two teams that you don't care anything about just because a tournament you didn't even know existed 10 years ago has come to town."

Quincy finished his statement by screaming,"I AM A WALKING ATM. DRAIN ME OF MY MONEY!"