Disheveled David Beckham Emerges From Brexit Coma By Panhandling On Side Of Miami Thoroughfare

Miami, FL - A disheveled David Beckham has emerged from a Brexit coma after being spotted panhandling on the side of a Miami thoroughfare for the cash to build a stadium for his nascent MLS side.

"Money for a stadium... money for a stadium...."

"Money for a stadium... money for a stadium...."

Beckham attempted multiple different methods to get a stadium built in the Miami area for his MLS franchise, but the new devaluation of the British pound combined with the business instability there have cause even more problems with the fortunes of the non-existent MLS to Miami product.

"Please, anyone with a spare million who can help. Anyone with land who is willing to donate, I'm willing to bend kicks in from a corner or you can have your wife meet my wife. Anything that will help," stated Beckham as people walking by attempted to avoid eye contact.

"Someone, dear god... I'm trying to avoid Broward County, here. Please, no Pounds.... I need currency, I'll take Euro's, gold, Dollars, someone for the love of god give me a clear roadmap to a stadium so that I can start building something," stated Beckham as a man walking an English Bulldog offered him an Egg McMuffin and a half empty coffee to tide him over.

The Nutmeg News will have more on MLS to Miami as it happens.