Not Content With Just MLS, Pro Referees Decide To Ruin International Tournament

Foxboro, MA - Not content with ruining Major League Soccer games and the CONCACAF Champions League, Pro Referees, today, attempted to ruin an international tournament, for fun.

I'm here.... TO SCREW THINGS UP!

I'm here.... TO SCREW THINGS UP!

"Fuck it," stated Jair Marrufo as he handed Chile the win late in the game. "I stopped caring years ago."

Reportedly, Pro Referees decided that they would officiate the Copa America to the same horrible standards that they referee Major League Soccer games in order to show that while they are utterly awful at refereeing, that at least they are consistent.

"Look, if we were better at our job we wouldn't be in the United States," stated Marrufo as he live tweeted the end of the game. "Don't care about the result #yolo #NotEvenWatchingAnymore."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Marrufo gives no statement to the press and forgets the game even happened.