RSL Fan Unsuccessful At Getting New Chant Approved

Salt Lake City - Pete Cetera, a Real Salt Lake city fan, has found that introducing new songs to supporters groups is not an easy task. He has reportedly shopped his idea around to La Barra Real, The RioT Brigade, Rogue Cavaliers Brigade, Section 26, Salt City United, and even paid $25 for a membership in order to propose the idea to Royal Army, but none of them were willing to adopt his idea.

"NOW! This is what we call FAN CHANTS! VOLUME 4!"

"NOW! This is what we call FAN CHANTS! VOLUME 4!"

"I just think it's time we had some new songs," Cetera states. "These groups have had the same chants for a long time and I just wanted to introduce something new that we all could all sing-along with."

The chant he proposed was a modified version of the hit song “You’re the Best” that Joe Esposito wrote for the Karate Kid Soundtrack:

"You're the best, Re-al, nothing's gonna ever keep you down."

“I don’t care who you are,” Cetera continues, “When you hear that line you can’t help but pump your fist in the air. If our players heard that I think it’d give them the boost of adrenaline they need to secure another MLS Cup title for us. Plus this song would lead into a great chant of ‘sweep the leg Dannie’ we could yell to Danilo Acosta.”

The Nutmeg News met with James Atkin, the official chant approver from The RioT Brigade to get his viewpoint on the situation.

"The song he's proposing is way too old. No one does 80's songs anymore, especially after Philly and Colorado adopted 'Just Can't Get Enough. The 80's are over."

We then asked Atkin if he had any new chants that their group planned to introduce.

"Yeah, we've got a couple. We wanted to do some throwback oldies so we are going back and forth between a couple of them. The first is by some band called Jesus Jones that goes 'I want to feel Re-al, Re-al, Re-al, Do you feel Re-al, and if so I want to know.' I saw the title Real Real Real on some old CD my parents had and thought we could use it. The other is by a band called the Soupdragons and goes 'Cuz you're a Salt, Salt, Salt, Lake City Thing.' We'll be testing these out this year and see which one resonates more."

The Nutmeg News will have more as as Cetera unsuccessfully attempts to introduce a modified version of LA Tour’s ‘People Are Still Having Sex.’