Kamara Heel Turn Elevates Higuain Face Status Before MLS Wrestlemania

NEW YORK - It has been revealed by sources in Major League Soccer (MLS) that Kei Kamara's heel turn from face contender was reportedly well received at the Major League Soccer front office in November after the former Crew forward pitched the idea during an advanced strategy meeting with the Major League Soccer front office.



"We knew that Kamara going Heel during the final moments of the transfer window would push Higuain to epic face status and set up an high flying no holds barred ladder match at MLS Wrestlemania," stated director of programming for Major League Soccer Carlotta Stevens. "This character arc really enforces the upcoming match between Kamara, Higuain, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor that will bring the house down when Finn betrays Joe and teams up with Higuain to pile drive Kamara into a collection of tables and then score a panenka."

While the heel turn for Kamara was unexpected by fans, Major League Soccer has reportedly been setting this up for over six months after intentionally leaking out Kamara's contract dispute to pave the way for his eventual betrayal.

"It's all part of the master plan. It's not quite on the level as the Montreal Screwjob, but we are just starting to work with our athletes to guide them on a character development arc," stated Ms. Stevens. "Eventually we want to work with Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux to have them team up with Sasha Banks for a three woman battle Royal when we incorporate NWSL stars at our MLS Cup Wrestlemania halftime review."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this Kei Kamara changes his walk out music to reflect his new identity.