US Open Cup Madness Sweeps Over Dozens Of People

Denver, CO - As she gently tapped on the window on her local coffee shop shouting, "Harpo's FC is the team of the proletariat," Ms Doris Applebee of Denver, Colorado admitted that she was excited for this evening's US Open cup matchup of Harpo's FC versus Albuquerque Sol FC with the 2016 version of the United States Open Cup tournament kicking off on Wednesday.

"Can they do it again? 10's of people want to know!"   Photograph: Richard Laemming Wheeler /Pockets of Peace

"Can they do it again? 10's of people want to know!" 

Photograph: Richard Laemming Wheeler /Pockets of Peace

"Harpos FC will rise up and give a voice for the people as we gather around our youtubes and our computers to watch grainy feeds of there a feed? No? Maybe? Well, if there isn't a feed we will gather around our twitter accounts and watch as the game unfolds allowing us to re-tweet the sundry game action in smug satisfaction!" 

While Ms. Applebee is excited for the upcoming tournament, she is not the only one as literally dozens of fans nation wide are excited by the tournament kicking off today.

"I can't wait," stated Paul Harrison of Tucson as he prepares for FC Tucson to take on San Nicolas FC. "I know that I and a few people that I know from the few times we casually nodded to each other while at a Tucson game are excited to host our US Open Cup game tonight."

The Nutmeg News acquired an interview with US Soccer Federation CEO Dan Flynn about the kickoff of the 2016 US Open Cup and he had the following to say, "Who, and What is kicking off? Are you on drugs?"

The Nutmeg News also spoke with Sandra and Alvin Redding of Portland, Maine about tonight's GPS Portland Phoenix game against AFC Cleveland and they expressed a measure of excitement stating, "Our son plays for Phoenix, so naturally we are going. Can't wait to see the game, we hope there is going to be more people there than the two of us."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as people in your twitter feed constantly attempt to remind you of the USOC kicking off tonight before you forget.