TNN Style And Brand Watch: Trending UP For April!! Cutting Media Credentials

HI FRIENDS, The Nutmeg News style editor, man about town and resident brand expert Stephen Harrow here to tell you about the trends in Men's soccer in the United States for 2016.

Well, kick this thing right off with the #1 trend of April!

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First DC United took the bold step of cutting the media credentials of a fan podcast after it was revealed *SHOCKER* that the podcast host's wife had season tickets.


The Charleston Battery revoked the press credentials of the Post And Courier newspaper in Charleston for having the daring to have a business reporter question the team on a lawsuit filed against team owner Eric Bowman

This upward trend towards absolute control of media is a vital one according to brand expert Leopold Digrasse, a resident brand expert for the University of Southern Toledo in Miami's adjunct campus on Puerto Rico.

"What we see here are teams and organizations incapable of being able to handle criticism, as well as wanting to have total control over the narrative that is spun about them. It's a fantastic way to simultaneously piss of whatever fans are actually paying attention to you while simultaneously eliminating the only coverage you were getting, positive or negative, anyway,."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Charleston Battery un-follow our twitter account.