Millennial Develops Opinion On Player He Never Watched

Erie, PA - "John Harkes is the best player the United States has ever produced," announced 18 year old William Arbus to THE INTERNET on Monday afternoon.

"Some of you had to google this," stated a pompous little shit known as Mr. Arbus

"Some of you had to google this," stated a pompous little shit known as Mr. Arbus

Despite his inability to watch a single minute of Harkes play live and having been born four years before Harkes officially retired from the Columbus Crew, this still didn't stop Mr Arbus from developing an opinion on the former United States international.

"This man is drastically overlooked in the pantheon of US players," ranted Mr. Arbus. "Granted, I never watched him play in the flesh and I'm relying entirely on grainy youtube highlight packages and my fathers faulty memory but that isn't going to stop me from telling everyone that will listen that John Harkes is the best and that they are wrong about everything mostly because they started watching soccer in 2010."

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr Arbus father Geoff about his son's opinion and he had the following to say, "I really based my own opinion on this subject with the limited soccer options that we had to watch during the early 90's. Honestly, we didn't even have regular soccer to watch til way after the 1994 world cup so I would likely have thought that any player that I heard about on a regular basis was the best. This is why everyone that started watching soccer in the early 2000's thought Landon Donovan was the best, it's not like we had other options. Honestly, any player who played at any level in England was the best player we ever had at that time. Although I'm not certain there is any difference between then and now in that regard."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Arbus develops an opinion on Garrincha.