Blogger Admits, "I Just Randomly Assigned 19 Through 27 In My USL Power Rankings"

Tulsa, OK - Soccer Blogger Wanda Deloitte admitted, "I just randomly assigned 19 through 27 in my USL Power Ranking Column this week," to The Nutmeg News on Friday.

Who ARE all these teams? Seriously!

Who ARE all these teams? Seriously!

Reportedly Mrs Deloitte's problems started when she was unable to watch all 22 hours of the USL from the past week.

"There's 29 teams. That means that at any one time there maybe 22 hours of games (give or take stoppage time). I'm supposed to write a USL Power Rankings column but no one has time for that. I've got a life to live, I'm not going to spend 22 hours watching all the games. I'm not even sure what you could take from that amount of time. It's insane," stated Mrs Deloitte. 

Sources indicate that the rankings between 19 and 27 in the 2016 Power Rankings were settled by rolling an 11 sided die, role playing teams as individual friends in Rust and seeing who survives the longest and simply just flipping a coin.

"I'm planning on bumping a few teams up some ranks and then downgrading the others, next week," stated Mrs Deloitte. "I'll be doing this without actually watching any of the games, but I've found that fans of those teams will usually get really upset about the randomness and that will drive clicks. It's a pretty fool proof system."

The Nutmeg News will have more when Mrs Deloitte uses the same methodology of changing the ranking of the team whose fans complain the loudest that week, just to ensure they will check in again.