Man Takes Time Out Of Busy Schedule To Harass Female Commentator

Glendale, CA - "YOU ARE SUCH A DUMB BITCH, and you should know it," tweeted Geoff Richards towards Fox soccer commentator Julie Lapinski, who was busy hosting a pre-game show for the UEFA Champions League.

"I'm finishing every tweet with a, 'Wanna bang? Look me up' on the half chance she will say yes."

"I'm finishing every tweet with a, 'Wanna bang? Look me up' on the half chance she will say yes."

Reportedly, the verbal abuse first started online by Mr. Richards during 2010 while embroiled in the divorce proceedings to his then-wife Heather as he, "felt his masculinity slipping away from him" by (as quoted verbatim to our reporter), "feminists taking away my male vitality by writing pro-sex articles in Cosmopolitan."

"I have things to do!" stated Mr Richards to The Nutmeg News on Tuesday morning. "I've got to ensure that the wood I'm using to replace the deck in the backyard shows up on time, I've got three separate work related events that I have to attend in the evening, I want to re-watch the Champions League game between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, I need to ensure that my quarterly finances are in order so that I can continue saving for that boat; but most importantly I need to verbally harass and abuse Julie Lapinski by making certain that she cries every single morning about how awful a woman is in her industry. I must reassert my masculinity by bullying women to show that I am powerful."

While it is unclear how Mr. Richards thinks that tweeting horrific abuse at a commentator will do anything to help with his own diminishing ego, lowering testosterone, thinning hair and tenuous belief in his fragile masculinity, he forges ahead without being deterred in his unfettered abuse.

 "How you got a job, no one will ever know. You don't know Lionel Messi from Gabriel Batistuta. You are a dumb woman that no one wants to listen to and is ridiculous and just shows how stupid you are, even if you are a total slut," Mr. Richards angrily commented to Ms. Lapinski's profile page on Facebook as he received an email about a human resources meeting that was set to speak with him about him asking the new receptionist to give him a back massage and calling her sexy during a conference call.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Richards sets up a specific schedule to ensure that he carves out time in his week while at lunch to verbally harass and abuse Ms. Lapinski to avoid, "the human resources pussies watching my every move."